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Our values

Our business model is based on a corporate philosophy that focuses on the customer. We want to pass on joy, success and health to Mongolian families. We achieve this by pursuing our corporate goals in a way that is true to our values, by acting fairly with our sales partners. Thus we guarantee the best quality for Mongolian families. 


We live in a country with enormous change and constant development. We at KWM want to contribute to this development by bringing world-famous products to Mongolia and passing on knowledge to young Mongolians who will shape the country in the future. We concentrate on the everyday life of Mongolian families and help them to receive professional advice. Therefore, our employees are the central component of the company.


In order to ensure high quality standards, we work with internationally recognized brands and companies, and as a direct result of this, we have received high level certification, such as the ISO 2015, the IHK-certificate, and the certificate of the Mongolian women’s movement. Furthermore, the German Embassy in Mongolia confirms that our work reaches German standards.

Integrity and Fairness

Personal consulting and contact to our customers is of great importance to us. Long-term cooperation with our partners and sustainability for our clients are central components of our corporate philosophy.

Social Responsibility

With 10 years experience, we take great pride in passing on our knowledge to young Mongolians. Thanks to a close cooperation with small companies, we share the expertise we have gathered over time. Our employees enjoy excellent training, some of which is carried out by German qualified professionals. We believe this is a key component in our business.


We live in a country which is undergoing rapid change and constant development. We recognize this, and feel it is our responsibility to contribute to this development by supporting children in need with donations to non-profit organizations. Furthermore we stand up for women’s rights and equality. 


We offer international products, which enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Our customers likewise come from many different countries and trust German product quality, which is ensured by regular inspections and high-quality training of our employees in Europe.

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